Area: Animal Production


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Doctor by the Universidad de León with the thesis Fermentación ruminal un análisis de las poblaciones microbianas y los parámetros fermentativos en sistemas in vitro 2016. Supervised by Dr. M.D. Carro, Dr. María José Ranilla García.

Postdoctoral researcher at the University of León since October 2018. Degree in Veterinary Medicine (2008) from the University of León. Master's Degree in Research in Veterinary Medicine and Food Science and Technology. University of León (2010). PhD from the University of León since (2016). At the end of my undergraduate studies, I worked in a small animal clinic for a year and three months. After completing the Master's degree, I started my doctoral thesis at the Department of Animal Production of the University of León, a thesis that I developed as a predoctoral contract researcher. During my doctoral studies, I spent a month at AgResearch, in New Zealand, a renowned research centre, within the framework of an Integrated Action funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which allowed me to learn different techniques for measuring methane "in vivo" in ruminant animals. I enjoyed a one-year postdoctoral contract (2017-18) at INRAe in Toulouse (France), in the NED (Nutrition et Ecosystèmes Digestives) research team led by Dr. Sylvie Combes, where I gained experience in the treatment and analysis of 16S DNA sequences of bacteria, participating in a project on the effect of mycotoxins on the digestive microbiota of pigs. To date I have published 20 scientific articles, being first author in 5 of them. I am also co-author of three popular science articles. I am co-author of 47 papers presented at national and international conferences. I have reviewed several articles for the journal Animals, and occasionally for the journals Animal, Archaea, Dairy, Frontiers in microbiology, ITEA and Veterinary Research Communications. Since July 2020 I have been accredited to perform functions a, b and c on experimental animals. In the teaching field, since 2022 I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Production at the University of León, I have been co-tutor of seven final degree projects of the Degree in Veterinary Medicine. I am accredited by ANECA for the figure of Contract Professor with a PhD. I have also participated in the practical training of postgraduate students, both foreign (from the Dolphin programs of the Government of Mexico and the International Atomic Energy Agency, among others) and Spanish (Summer Residency program in Research Groups, visiting doctoral students from other centers, etc.). In addition, I have been part of the research team of several R+D+i projects funded in competitive calls of Administrations or public and private entities in Spain and abroad and of Contracts, agreements or R+D+i projects. Finally, I have received several awards for research papers.