Régimen jurídico de la seguridad alimentariade la policía administrativa a la gestión de riesgos

  1. Mariola Rodríguez Font
Supervised by:
  1. José Esteve Pardo Director

Defence university: Universitat de Girona

Fecha de defensa: 11 August 2006

  1. José Ramón Parada Vázquez Chair
  2. Joaquín Tornos Mas Secretary
  3. Tomás Quintana López Committee member
  4. Luis ignacio Ortega Álvarez Committee member
  5. Agustín María García Ureta Committee member

Type: Thesis

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As one of the most classical types of public intervention within the juridical sphere of individuals, the administrative policy has described the administrative action within the food sector, until recent times. Nevertheless, in front of the risks arising from that sector, particularly from the food industry, this form of intervention seems to evidence serious limitations, thus favouring the emergence of a new system , complex up a certain point, in outline described by the connection between public and private agents: the risk analysis and management system.