La autoevaluación regular en línea de los estudiantes fomenta su participación y rendimiento en la docencia presencial

  1. J. M. Rodríguez Calleja
  2. T. M. López Díaz
  3. J. A. Santos
  4. M. L. Sierra
  5. A. Otero
  6. M. L. García López
Nuevos enfoques en la Innovación Docente Universitaria: III TeLe(In)2 Conference proceedings

Publisher: Universidad de León

ISBN: 978-84-697-6817-4

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 77-81

Congress: TeLe(In)2 (3. 2017. León)

Type: Conference paper


On-line questionnaires were implemented for frequent self-assessment of the acquired knowledge for students in three study components of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees involving food science in the University of León. During the academic year 2016-17, a student population was studied after proposing frequently on-line questionnaires. These questionnaires were carefully designed, and their features and objectives were previously and very clearly communicated to every student. Student perception of questionnaire performance was very positive and contributed to a slight increase of lecture attendance. Therefore, the study of the theoretical matter was probably more frequent, which may explain the better results in the development of the most important practical tasks in the studied courses. Moreover, a relationship between students getting good questionnaire marks and those with high final grades was found. Thus, appropriate design of on-line self-assessment questionnaires could promote lecture attendance and, consequently, a better academic progress of both applied-knowledge tasks and, overall, the academic efficiency in each course.