Cellular Basis and Optimization of Cryopreservation Survival of Bull Sperm

  1. Salman Albu-Mohamed, Amer Qasim
Supervised by:
  1. Felipe Martínez-Pastor Director
  2. José Néstor Caamaño Gualdoni Director

Defence university: Universidad de León

Fecha de defensa: 18 September 2020

  1. María Paz Herráez Ortega Chair
  2. Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez Secretary
  3. Pilar Santolaria Blasco Committee member

Type: Thesis


In these experiments they used CASA to evaluate sperm motility and the kinematic parameters, while we used flow cytometry to assess sperm physiological parameters (viability, apoptosis, capacitation status, acrosomal damage, mitochondrial activity, production of cytoplasmic reactive oxygen species (ROS), production of mitochondrial O2•-, %DFI and %HDS). In all experiments in this thesis, semen was evaluated directly post-thawing and after four or five hours of incubation. They concluded from the various experiments in this thesis that the extension of the equilibration time from 4 h to 24 h using BIOXcell or OPTIXcell resulted in small differences regarding post-thawing bull semen quality between the equilibration times. The supplementation of BIOXcell freezing extender with trehalose and GSH reduced the post-thaw bull sperm quality (trehalose), while it did not improve the quality (GSH). The pre-freezing supplementation of BIOXcell with curcumin and crocin reduced the post-thaw sperm quality. The pre-freezing use of SLC and DLC improved post-thawing bull semen quality.