Perceptions About Availabilityof Technological Resources and Training Needsa Gender Perspective Based on Supercomputing-Related Courses

  1. A. Fernández González 1
  2. J.A. Miguel-Dávila 2
  3. C. Fernández-Llamas 2
  4. M.A. Conde 2
  5. V. Matellán 1
  1. 1 Centro de Supercomputación de Castilla y León (SCAYLE; Campus de Vegazana s/n, 24071 León)
  2. 2 Universidad de León

    Universidad de León

    León, España


Organizational Engineering in Industry 4.0
  1. Fuente, David de la (ed. lit.)
  2. Raúl Pino (ed. lit.)
  3. Borja Ponte (ed. lit.)
  4. Rafael Rosillo (ed. lit.)

Publisher: Springer Suiza

ISBN: 978-3-030-67707-7 978-3-030-67708-4

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 171-184

Congress: International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management (13. 2021. Gijón)

Type: Conference paper


The use of technology is key in the performance in a lot of fields, helping in the improvement of results in a wide variety of organizations. Currently, Supercomputers are considered as one of the most relevant and powerful technological infrastructures, because of this, the analysis of the availability and the training needs, in relation to technology based on supercomputing services, are very important to understand the development of Research and Development (R & D) activities in all type of organizations. It is also important to know the perception of this variable in relation to gender, in order to ensure equality of opportunities to guarantee equal education for any person. During the literature review, one of the main limitations found, in the training of qualified personnel, is the lack of availability of technological infrastructures. In relation to gender, some studies were found, about relations of gender, technology, and education. The present work analyzes the influence of the perception of availability of technological resources in the perception of adequate training of students, related to supercomputing, with a special view in the gender perspective.