Variación léxica en la Tierra de Campos en el siglo XVII

  1. Marta Miguel Borge
Supervised by:
  1. José Ramón Morala Rodríguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de León

Fecha de defensa: 08 February 2021

  1. María de las Nieves Sánchez González de Herrero Chair
  2. Janick Le Men Secretary
  3. Marta Pérez Toral Committee member

Type: Thesis


The current thesis intends to study the lexicon of the Tierra de Campos region, an area of great interest from a diatopic point of view, as it is an area of confluence between the variants historically originated from León and Castile. In order to do so, the aim is to create a documentary corpus from unpublished notarial texts that are characterised by their lexical richness: inventories, dowry letters, documents from clearance sales, distribution of inheritances, testaments… These data have been obtained from a selection of inventories in notarial registries belonging to the judicial districts of Sahagún, Valderas, Frechilla, Medina de Rioseco and Villalpando, representative localities of Tierra de Campos. Ourstudy is concerned with a period of history that lacked a specific corpusforthe different areas until quite recently, that is, the only lexical references available came exclusively from literary and technical works, always alluding to the standard literate language, therefore failing to acknowledge the dialectal variety. However, we have the Corpus Léxico de Inventarios or CorLexIn (Lexical Corpus of Inventories), a textual corpusthat treasures notarial documentsfrom the 17th century belonging to the whole Spanish‐speaking world. This tool will allow us to compare the data obtained in Tierra de Campos with those of the rest of Spain.