Propiedades tecnológicas y compuestos volátiles del charqui andino de alpaca (vicugna pacos) recién elaborado y después de cinco meses de almacenamiento

  1. Fernández Díez, Ana Isabel
  2. Salvá Ruiz, Bettit Karim
  3. Ramos, D.D.
  4. Caro Canales, Irma
  5. Mateo Oyagüe, Javier
Anales de veterinaria de Murcia

ISSN: 0213-5434 1989-1784

Year of publication: 2012

Issue: 28

Pages: 97-109

Type: Article

DOI: 10.6018/J/188761 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openDIGITUM editor

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Selected technological quality traits (pH, water holding capacity, yield, colour and oxidative stability), and headspace volatile compounds in alpaca Andean charqui have been assessed. The determinations were carried out in both, fresh charqui and stored charqui (for 5 months at 15 ºC, packaged with a moisture impermeable and high oxygen permeability film). A total of thirty shredded charqui samples made from alpaca legs elaborated by thirty different producers from the Puno region in Peru were analysed. Stored charqui showed significantly higher values if total solids losses during hydration, pH, thiobarbituric acid substances and colour parameters than the fresh charqui. In addition, a decrease in most of the volatile compounds of headspace was detected after storage, which could be responsible for flavour time-related changes.