Lesiones en la lucha tradicionalEl caso de la lucha leonesa (2005-2015)

  1. M.J Blasco 1
  2. Martí Casals 2
  3. Tania Fernández Villa 3
  4. Antonio José Molina de la Torre 3
  5. Francisco V. Martínez
  6. Klaus Langohr 4
  7. Carlos Ayán Pérez 5
  8. Arturo Martín
  9. Vicente Martín Sánchez 3
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  4. 4 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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    Barcelona, España

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  5. 5 Facultad de Educación y Ciencias del Deporte. Universidad de LVigo
Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte

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Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 18

Issue: 72

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This study aimed at describing the anatomical location, type and severity of the sport injuries observed during the Leonese Wrestling “masculine summer leagues” official tournaments (2005-2015). The wrestler’s profile was taken into account as a way to achieve a deep analysis. A total of 401 injuries were registered. The best wrestlers were the ones that suffered the least number of injuries. Contusions were the type of injuries more frequently registered (41.4%), while sprains were the most common cause of severe injury (42.3%). The most frequent anatomical location affected and the one in which a great number of severe injuries occurred were the lower limbs (38.2% and 45.4%). The knee, thorax, and shoulder accounted for almost half of the total injuries and represented 68% of the severe injuries. The obtained results suggest that Leonese Wrestling show a similar injury pattern to the one observed in other combat sports.

Funding information

Este trabajo contó con financiación parcial de la Diputación de León, la Federación Territorial de Castilla y León de Lucha y CIBERESP (MTM2015-64465-C2-1-R; MINECO / FEDER).


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