Modificación y adaptación de la metodología del valor ganado a los proyectos de instalaciones ferroviarias de alta velocidad

  1. José Manuel Fernández Díaz
Supervised by:
  1. Jaime Cifuentes Rodríguez Director
  2. Manuel Castejón Limas Director

Defence university: Universidad de León

Year of defence: 2016

  1. Antonio Bernardo Sánchez Chair
  2. José Simón Ramos Campazas Secretary
  3. José Luis Calvo Rolle Committee member

Type: Thesis


This work proposes a modification of the earned value management methodology (EVM) to adapt it for high-speed railway facilities projects. First, it introduces the original methodology, presenting its origins, its basic elements, and the mechanisms for calculating performance indices that are suitable for an eventual interpretation of the development status of the project in terms of costs and schedule. A new methodology is proposed, based on the work and organization breakdown structures, a sequence of milestones and the information sources available, that establishes a new set of performance indices suitable for feeding decision making processes. Its application in a real project proves the validity and usefulness of the proposed methodology. The methodology developed provides the flexibility to satisfactorily be adapted for complex projects.