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Doctor by the Universidad de León with the thesis Plasticidad estructural de la pared celular durante la habituación-deshabituación de cultivos celulares de alubia a diclobenil 2005. Supervised by Dr. José Luis Acebes Arranz, Dr. Jesús Miguel Álvarez Fernández.

Penélope García-Angulo attained the degree in Biological Sciences from the University of León (ULE) in 2001. One year later, she obtained a predoctoral grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain inside the University Teacher Training program (FPU). As part of this program, she made two short research stays at the Molecular Biology Institute of Copenhagen (during part of 2003 and 2004). She obtained the PhD in Biological Sciences from the ULE in 2005 with a Cum Laude score. From April 2006 to date, she has been carrying out her work as a lecturer and researcher in the Plant Physiology Area of the ULE, first as an Assistant Professor (from 2006 to 2009); later, as a Lecturer (from 2009 to 2019) and currently, as Associate Professor (TU). During the 2004-2020 period, she has published 32 scientific papers in journals collected in the Plant Science field according to the Journal Citation Reports. She is a co-author of 2 non-indexed publications with an index of relative quality, 2 book chapters, 1 book and 2 patents (one national and one European). She has presented 21 communications at International Scientific Congresses and 22 at National Congresses. Moreover, she has participated as a collaborator in 9 Research Projects (5 National and 4 Regional or Local) and 3 company agreements via article 83. She was (2016-2019) the principal researcher and the coordinator of a challenge-collaboration project with an enterprise (RTC-2016-5816-2). She is the supervisor of 4 Doctoral Theses and 2 Bachelor theses, as well as tutor of 17 research projects (5 Final Master Dissertations and 18 Final Degree Dissertations). From 2010 to 2016, she was the Coordinator of the Biotechnology Degree at the University of León and currently, she is the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Excellence in Sciences of the ULE. For years, Penélope García-Angulo research interest has been focused on plant cell wall polymers such as cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectins and lignin and their plasticity under stress situations as some of the cell wall modifications that take place during stress situations could have important biotechnological applications. As part of this research, she has worked with in vitro cultures of different species (bean, maize, poplar, grape, hops) and over the last 5 years, Penélope is the scientific advisor-in-chief of Agrovet-Healthy Plants Biotechnological Institute which is a private enterprise focused on the production of free-pathogen certified plants. As part of the certification program, the enterprise has developed under her supervision, an apical shoot meristem regeneration culture program, different pathogen detection techniques and chemical fingerprinting protocols. Over the last 5 years, her research has focused on the role of cell wall in plant defense. Currently, she is guest editor of a special issue in Plants journal entitled: "Plant Cell Wall Plasticity under Stress Situations".