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Doctor by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with the thesis Modelo integrado de información de inspección en ingeniería simultánea 2001. Supervised by Dr. Julio Eduardo Labarga Ordóñez, Dr. Antonio Vizán Idoipe.

Three recognized 6-years research sections (2001-2006; 2007-2012; 2013-2018). During the years that I have been working as a professor at the university I have tried to develop a professional career with special interest in the research field. Since its creation in 2002, I am the head of the research group TAFI-Advanced Manufacturing and Inspection Technologies of the University of León and since 2016. I am also the head of a Consolidated Research Unit (247) recognized by the Junta de Castilla y León. This group is an inter-university and multidisciplinary research group, formed by researchers and collaborators from the University of León and the University of Oviedo. The creation of this research group was possible to the research work carried out during these years. Specifically, several research projects of the national R&D plan, in two of which I am listed as principal investigator. My participation in projects of the national plan has been uninterrupted since I was at university. Thanks to these projects, I have been able to direct 7 doctoral theses, 3 of them with extraordinary doctorate award. All the JCR impact publications are the result of the work of these research projects and these doctoral theses. In total there are more than 35 JCR publications, practically all located in the first tercile (T1). There are also 4 patents. I am also the author of more than 40 international publications indexed in SJR. I have been also coordinator at the University of León for the activities of four thematic networks financed by the National R&D Plan in the field of manufacturing processes. The number of congresses I have attended as a speaker has been high (more than 70), almost all of them international congresses. I have participated in the scientific committee of several congresses, and I am reviewer of several JCR impact journals for years. I also want to emphasize that in March 2016 the 3D Manufacturing and Printing Unit at the University of León was launched thanks to a project financed by the infrastructure plan of the National R&D Plan, whose applicant and responsible director is me. This unit is already operational to carry out research work and serve R&D&I tasks in the regional environment; the available equipment is unique in the region. In addition, I have directed and participated in several projects with companies and market-oriented prototype projects. For 7 years I hold the General Secretariat of the Society of Manufacturing Engineering, a reference organization at the national level in the field of manufacturing engineering. I have also collaborated uninterruptedly with the State Research Agency (AEI) for more than 10 years as an expert evaluator. I collaborate with entities such as DEVA Agency, AENOR, CEINTECH and Ministries to evaluate research projects. The recognition of the rest of my colleagues to my work is evident in the more than 40 doctoral thesis tribunals in which I have participated, distributed throughout the national geography.