Area: Applied Economics


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Doctor by the Universidad de Zaragoza with the thesis Tres ensayos sobre educación y crecimiento económico en américa latina / three essays on education and economic growth in latin america 2020. Supervised by Dr. Gregorio Giménez Esteban.

Beatriz Barrado is a Ph.D. Assistant Lecturer of Applied Economics at the University of Leon (León, Spain). She has worked in national and international institutions, such as Aragon’s Economic and Social Council (Zaragoza, Spain), Spanish Statistical Office (Madrid, Spain), Estado de la Educación (San José, Costa Rica) and Instituto Cervantes of Dublin (Ireland). She has also been visiting researcher at the University of Bolonia and the University of Saint Petersburg. Her main areas of research are economic growth and development, with special emphasis on human capital. She has published her research in international and multidisciplinary journals, including Sustainability, Psychology of Violence, and Studies in Educational Evaluation