Area: Botany


Doctor by the Universidad de Murcia with the thesis Paleoecología de dos puntos calientes de la biodiversidad los parques nacionales de Doñana y Sierra Nevada 2018. Supervised by Dr. Lourdes López Merino, Dr. José Sebastián Carrión García.

I am a palaeoecologist interested in the long-term dynamics of Mediterranean biodiversity hotspots. My research focuses on the multiproxy reconstruction of environmental and biodiversity dynamics in protected areas. This approach allows the detection of ecosystem response to environmental change, the factors controlling the accumulation and survival of biodiversity, the landscape features contributing to resilience and the definition of baselines. It also allows the interpretation of the current vegetation landscape. This information is key for conservation biology, policy making and sustainable ecosystem exploitation thus contributing to human welfare. My research focuses on: • Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot palaeoecology to understanding long term accumulation and survival of biodiversity, plant community assemblage and long term dynamics of these environments. • Quaternary biome transitions: past, present and future to provide palaeoecological information applicable in the projection of future environmental change scenarios under the current paradigm of global change.