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Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Cirugía ósea piezoeléctrica aplicada en distracción osteogénica alveolar y en otras técnicas de cirugía oral 2010. Supervised by Dr. Márcio Diniz Freitas, Dr. José Manuel Somoza Martín, Dr. Abel García García.

Doctor by the Universidad Europea de Madrid with the thesis Modelo de competencias para la gestora enfermera 2019. Supervised by Dr. María del Pilar Marqués Sánchez, Dr. Arrate Pinto Carral, Dr. Jesús Sanz Villorejo.

Alberto González García. Born in Zamora (Spain). Nurse since 1994. PhD in Biomedicine and Health Sciences. Degree in Business Administration and Management. Expert in Senior Management of health organisations and Expert in the development of competences in a fundamental way in the field of health management. Expert in process management in organisations. Open line of research in the applicability of competencies in the field of health management. The fields of research development include: governance of organisations, people management, technology applied to health, Artificial Intelligence applied to health and the management of health organisations, leadership, resource efficiency and sustainability of organisations. Also open lines of teaching innovation in the applicability of social networks and Artificial Intelligence as a useful tool for training and acquisition of knowledge and skills. Professional experience in senior management and operational management of healthcare organisations. Experience as a care nurse in trauma surgery and community care. Teaching experience as an undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer at the University of León in the areas of management and administration of nursing services, community nursing and adult nursing. Member of the CUHUSAL teaching innovation group at the University of León. Lecturer at national and international conferences on topics related to innovation, leadership, management skills, technology and social networks. Member of the Economy and Health Foundation. Group dedicated to monitoring and tracking the evolution and state of the health system in Spain.