Evaluación de una experiencia de aula invertida a través de grupos de discusión

  1. Cristina Mendaña Cuervo 1
  2. Raquel Poy Castro 1
  3. Nieves Remo Díez 1
  1. 1 Universidad de León

    Universidad de León

    León, España

    ROR https://ror.org/02tzt0b78

Actas del congreso virtual: Avances en Tecnologías, Innovación y Desafíos de la Educación Superior. ATIDES 2022
  1. Aleix Alcacer Sales (coord.)
  2. Ana Arnal Pons (coord.)
  3. Sergio Barrachina Mir (coord.)
  4. Joaquín Castelló Benavent (coord.)
  5. Irene Epifanio López (coord.)
  6. Lara Ferrando Esteve (coord.)
  7. Carlos Galindo Pastor (coord.)
  8. Pablo Gregori Huerta (coord.)
  9. Marina Martínez García (coord.)
  10. Lucia Masero Bravo (coord.)

Publisher: Servei de Comunicació i Publicacions ; Universitat Jaume I

ISBN: 978-84-19647-14-6

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 115-127

Congress: Congreso Avances en Tecnologías, Innovación y Desafíos de la Educación Superior (4. 2022. null)

Type: Conference paper


Classroom methodology through the opinion of the students to promote improvement actions in future courses. for this, focus groups have been used as a methodology for the purpose of identifying the most relevant aspects that allow a diagnosis to be made by carrying out a SWOT matrix on the present situation. Once those factors to be corrected, faced, maintained, and exploited are identified, the investigation breaks down a cAMe matrix that allows the selection of possible improvement actions.