Efecto de las ortesis plantares sobre las presiones plantares y tensión muscular en corredores amateurs tras 8 semanas de usoun ensayo clínico aleatorizado

  1. Romero Soto, Manuel
Supervised by:
  1. Ramón González Cabanach Co-director
  2. Antonio José Souto Gestal Co-director

Defence university: Universidade da Coruña

Fecha de defensa: 21 July 2022

  1. Francisca Fariña Rivera Chair
  2. Ramón Fernández Cervantes Secretary
  3. Jesús Seco Calvo Committee member

Type: Thesis

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Introduction: foot orthoses (FO) are used as an injury prevention measure among runners due to their potential effect on the forces that affect the lower limb. Objectives: determine if the use of FO during 8 weeks of training in amateur runners has effects on foot statics (FPI-6), muscle tension (tensiomyography), and plantar pressures in bare feet (pressure platform). Methodology: a randomized clinical trial was carried out where the control group (CG=23) and the experimental group (EG=27) maintained their usual training schedule for 8 weeks. The GE also used neutral molded FOs exclusively during their sports activity. Results: the EG showed a statistically significant reduction for maximum pressure and load rate, as well as a longer support time in the midfoot, metatarsal and toes region, in addition to a bilateral reduction in muscle tension of the tibialis anterior (TA) muscle. No effects were found on foot statics, gastrocnemius, soleus, or peroneus brevis muscle tension. Conclusions: the use of OP during 8 weeks of training shows variable effects on plantar pressures depending on the area of the foot and on the muscular tension of the TA.