Infrapoblaciones parasitarias intestinales de la becada (Scolapax rusticola L., 1758) y su influencia en algunos parámetros somáticos

  1. Garnica Cortezo, Rafael de
  2. Castañón Ordóñez, Luciano
  3. Reguera Feo, Antonio
Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de León

ISSN: 0373-1170

Year of publication: 1991

Year: 37

Issue: 37

Pages: 111-116

Type: Article

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Thirty-seven intestinal parasitic infracommunities of woodcock were studied. They were related to a large series of ambiental and bird somatic parameters; total, bended wing, beak, tarsus and rectrices length, total, clean stomach and peristomachal fat weigth, sex, age, habitat, origin and hunting date. The data obtained by the statistic study of this st infracommunities show that the three infrapopulations found, the cestode genus Aploparaksis CLERC, 1903, Polycercus VILLOT, 1883 y Choanotaenia RAILLIET, 1896, are not interactive. Periestomachal fat and total weigth of the bird have a significative, and positive, correlation. The most important aspects are significative, and negative, correlations between the intensity of Aploparaksis and total length and weigth of the bird, and peristomach fat. These conclusions are importants due to the cinegetic value of this bird