Ghrelin's control of food reward and body weight in the lateral hypothalamic area is sexually dimorphic

  1. López-Ferreras, L.
  2. Richard, J.E.
  3. Anderberg, R.H.
  4. Nilsson, F.H.
  5. Olandersson, K.
  6. Kanoski, S.E.
  7. Skibicka, K.P.
Physiology and Behavior

ISSN: 1873-507X 0031-9384

Any de publicació: 2017

Volum: 176

Pàgines: 40-49

Tipus: Article

DOI: 10.1016/J.PHYSBEH.2017.02.011 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAccés obert editor