Alteraciones vasculares, ingesta dietética y su relación con el dolor en pacientes con fibromialgia

  1. Antonio Casas Barragán
Supervised by:
  1. María Encarnación Aguilar Ferrándiz Director
  2. María Correa Rodríguez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Granada

Fecha de defensa: 05 February 2021

  1. María del Carmen García Ríos Chair
  2. Blanca María Rueda Medina Secretary
  3. Jesús Seco Calvo Committee member
  4. Marina de Tommaso Committee member
  5. Francisco García Muro San José Committee member

Type: Thesis


The main conclusions were, firstly, that people with Fibromyalgia syndrome had a higher temperature in all points analysed on the dorsal and palm of their hands, and a higher tympanic temperature than healthy women. These results could be related, on the one hand, to a possible alteration of peripheral blood microcirculation due to a dysfunction of sympathetic neural control at the cutaneous level and, on the other hand, to a poor regularisation of thermogenesis processes that can influence metabolism baseline of women with Fibromyalgia syndrome. Secondly, women with fibromyalgia syndrome had altered serum levels of nitric oxide, of the enkephalin-degrading aminopeptidase activity, and oxytocinase activity that were found to be associated with higher levels of hypersensitivity to pressure pain in some tender points, with the global intensity of pain, and with a greater impact on daily life in women with Fibromyalgia syndrome. Thirdly, pro-inflammatory dietary profiles were associated with higher levels of pressure pain hypersensitivity for most tender points established by the American College of Rheumatology in women with Fibromyalgia syndrome compared to healthy women. Therefore, promoting anti-inflammatory dietary interventions characterised by the consumption of vegetables, fruits, a moderate intake of low-fat protein, the consumption of fish and olive oil, and a restriction of bread and cereals can improve overall pain levels and associated symptoms in populations with Fibromyalgia. Accordingly, bearing in mind all aspects and results presented in the doctoral thesis would help in crafting a better approach and comprehensive management of chronic painful processes and symptoms in people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome.