Gastroenteritis víricas en el ganado porcino:situación actual en España

  1. Héctor Puente Fernández
  2. Héctor Argüello Rodríguez
  3. Óscar Mencía Ares
  4. Manuel Gómez García
  5. Lucía Pérez Pérez
  6. Pedro Miguel Rubio Nistal
  7. Ana María Carvajal Urueña

ISSN: 1699-7867

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 177

Pages: 16-21

Type: Article

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Enteric disorders are included among the main infectious diseases, because of their prevalence and their economic cost for the pig industry. Among t viruses with a relevant role in the etiology of the enteric complex there a coronaviruses and rotaviruses, which cause acute diarrhea, dehydration a1 even vomiting at times, and can cause significant mortalities in neonatal piglets and growth delay in older pigs. In this work, the prevalence of these agents has been studied in Spain pig farms with active outbreaks of diarrhea in which a viral etiology was, suspected between January 2017 and March 2019.