Introducción a propuesta de zonificación acústica de la ciudad de León (España)

  1. Marcos Fuentes
  2. Eduardo García
  3. Jesús Cepeda
  4. Gabriel Búrdalo
  5. Mercedes de Barrios
Tecniacústica 2008: conferencias y comunicaciones de Acústica 2008. V Congreso Ibérico de Acústica y Tecniacustica 2008; 39.º Congreso Español de Acústica. Coímbra, Portugal. octubre, 2008

Publisher: Sociedad Española de Acústica

Year of publication: 2008

Congress: Congreso Español de Acústica (39. 2008. Coimbra)

Type: Conference paper


Historically has not been taken into account the problem of noise raised from a standpoint of Land Management, which has contributed to a clear and conspicuous decline in the quality of life of many citizens, who, realizing the difficulty of solving the problems of suffering from noise, opt for a change of residence. The urban environment is clearly noisy in their design, but not because this can not be studied from an organizational point of view acoustically. The main objective of this study is the noise characterization of the city of León (Spain), through delimitation of the acoustic, taking into account population and cultural standards, and following the existing and applicable laws in the municipality of León. Suggest action plans aimed at their case to the resolution of certain problems noisy, impact on the surrounding environment to areas that require special features for their noise protection and checking the degree of fulfilment of the goals set in the acoustic quality development of the Law 37/2007 of noise, for each of the areas of the city to identify areas such as noise.