CROSS-FOREST, armonización y modelización de datos. Un proyecto transfronterizo de datos forestales abiertos de España y Portugal

  1. Ramón Baiget Llompart
  2. Guillermo Vega Gorgojo 1
  3. Marta Lerner Cuzzi
  4. José Miguel Giménez 1
  5. Belén Fierro García
  6. Alexandra Fonseca
  7. Ana Luísa Gomes
  8. Vicente Matellán Olivera
  9. Jesús Lorenzana Campillo
  10. Felipe Bravo Oviedo 1
  11. Cristobal Ordóñez Alonso 1
  12. Víctor Gonzalvo Morales
  13. Asunción Roldán Zamarrón
  1. 1 Universidad de Valladolid

    Universidad de Valladolid

    Valladolid, España



ISSN: 1131-9100

Year of publication: 2019

Issue Title: Jornadas Ibéricas de Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales JIIDE 2019 (Parte I)

Issue: 198

Pages: 38-44

Type: Article

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Cross-Forest aims at developing Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) focused on : (i) obtaining predictions that allow to estimate the evolution and wood quality of forests at a national scale, and (ii) assessing and controlling forest fires using information related to forest fuels and propagation models. These objectives will be based on the forest datasets (geographic and alfanumeric) from Portugal and Spain. High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources will be used, due to the complexity of the models to be employed and to the need of performing multiple simulations under different configurations. With that goal, Cross-Forest is developing a cross-border ontology for forest data in collaboration with the Portuguese and Spanish Public Administrations, and will provide a public repository (Endpoint) based on the recommendations from INSPIRE and Linked Open Data (LOD), where forest data will be published, in accordance with the ontology. The data model and publication of LOD a basis for forest proofessionals and general citezenship, who will have easy and free access to the forest datasets produced by Portugal and Spain. Likewise, the assessment of forst fires evolution and propagation will be very useful for forest managers