De plantis legionensibus. Nótula X

  1. García González, Marta Eva
  2. Puente García, Emilio
  3. López Pacheco, María José
  4. Herrero Cembranos, Luis
  5. Penas Merino, Ángel
Studia botanica

ISSN: 0211-9714

Year of publication: 1987

Issue: 6

Pages: 103-108

Type: Article

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In this paper, some écologie and phytosociological facts about some taxa recorded for the first time within the flora of León province. They are: Chenopodium multifidum, Atriplex laciniata, Spergularia bocconii, Ailanthus altíssima, Mentha x villoso-nervata, Scrophularia nodosa, Xanthium strumarium, Galinsoga parviflora and Lactuca saligna. New localities of other species are given.