First report of canine demodicosis by short-bodied Demodex Mite (Acari, Demodecidae) in Spain

  1. Rejas López, Juan
  2. Díez Reyero, R.
  3. Díez Baños, Natividad
Revista Ibero-latinoamericana de parasitología

ISSN: 0718-8730

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 70

Issue: 2

Pages: 219-224

Type: Article

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Demodicosis is a common dermatosis in dogs. Although follicular mites have been well-documented, new mite species residing in the follicular adnexa and on the surface epithelium have been identified. These newly observed species of Demodex mites have led to the identification of additional patterns of clinical disease. In the present paper we describe the occurrence of a short form of Demodex mite on a Yorkshire Terrier, its morphology, the clinical picture and post-treatment evolution