Sistema basado en conocimiento para análisis de vibraciones en mantenimiento predictivo

  1. Calvo Rolle, José Luis
  2. Ferreiro García, Ramón
  3. Alonso Álvarez, Ángel
  4. Alaiz Moretón, Héctor
Revista DYNA

ISSN: 0012-7361 0012-7361

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 83

Issue: 8

Pages: 484-492

Type: Article

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The present paper shows the general methodology to follow to implement an Intelligent application with a knowledge based system on the area of maintenance, which it will perform predictive maintenance from a condition based maintenance, in the context of vibration analysis. In this case it will be made an introduction of vibration analysis for condition based maintenance, with those aspects, that it is necessary to observe and from which it will be deducted the rules that implement the knowledge based system. Then it is explained the topology of knowledge based system used and all the parts of those appearing.