Inmunidad en parvovirosis canina. I. Contribución al estudio de la reacción de inhibición-hemoaglutinación en la parvovirosis canina

  1. Rejas García, Félix
  2. Fernández Álvarez, Faustino
  3. Rejas López, Juan
  4. García Partida, Paulino
Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de León

ISSN: 0373-1170

Year of publication: 1988

Year: 34

Issue: 34

Pages: 29-39

Type: Article

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We have performed a study about the influence on the haemagglutination inhibition (HT) test of several treatments of the sera, from "Mastín Español'' dogs with different ages, tending to eliminate antibodies, natural haemagglutinins and nonspecific inhibitors, realizing that with sera treatment by pig red blood cells, to remove natural haemagglutinins, an average percentual fall of 49,15 in HI titers is produced, and with pig erythrocytes and kaolin treatment, for removing natural haemagglutinins and nonspecific inhibitors of HA, a high decrease of HI titers, about 10 times lesser, is observed. With the analysis of these results, and taking into account the several variants which may influence the HI test, we consider its standardization necessary.