Caracterización de la Turba del Yacimiento de Caspueñas- Fuentes de la Alcarria (Guadalajara, España)

  1. Gómez Fernández, Fernando
  2. Matías Rodríguez, Roberto
  3. Méndez Cecilia, Alfonso Juan
  4. Alonso Herrero, Eduardo

ISSN: 0213-683X

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 35

Pages: 111-114

Type: Article

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Deposits of peat have been discovered among the materials of the bottom of the river Ungría Valley (Guadalajara). These deposits are extended, at least, from Caspueñas to Fuentes de Alcarria villages. So far 23 research drill holes have cut layers of up to 7.1 metre-thick of peat with economic interest. 5ampling and analysis of 5 stretches of the wells have allowed the characterization of the peat deposit. The peat is eutrophic, characteristic of low or valley peat deposits, and calcareous zones.