De plantis palentinae. Notula II

  1. Lence Paz, Carmen 1
  2. García González, Marta Eva 1
  3. Herrero Cembranos, Luis 1
  4. Alonso Redondo, Raquel 1
  5. Río González, Sara del 1
  6. Penas Merino, Ángel 1
  1. 1 Universidad de León

    Universidad de León

    León, España



ISSN: 0210-7708

Year of publication: 1997

Volume: 20

Issue: 1

Pages: 107-111

Type: Article

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So me contributions to the Palencia pro in check-list are made, pointing out sume interesting chorological and taxonomic considerations. Also, there are quoted for the first time: Crepis albida subsp. albida, Diplotaxis erucoides, Iris xiphiurn, Lychun europaeum, Suaeda vera and Trifolium squamosum