La concepción del modo verbal en la gramática española del siglo XVII

  1. Martínez Gavilán, María Dolores
Estudios humanísticos. Filología

ISSN: 0213-1392

Year of publication: 1990

Issue: 12

Pages: 197-214

Type: Article


In this paper we talk about the idea of the verb mood based on the Spanish grammatical studies that were published both inside and outside our frontiers in the 17th century, when noticeable modifications were introduced into the modal paradigm (indicative, imperative, optative, subjuntive and infinitive) set up by the classic greek- latin grammarians and accepted by the whole later grammar, either latin or vulgar. Gonzalo Correas is from all the studies authors the one who most radically breaks the tradition due to his defence of the existence of two moods only �indicative and subjuntive�, which was an exceptional attitude of the Spanish grammatical theory at the time.