Infinitivos conjugados en documentos leoneses del s. XIII

  1. Egido Fernández, María Cristina

ISSN: 0212-6192

Year of publication: 1992

Issue: 19-20

Pages: 167-186

Type: Article

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In this paper we show that the inflected infinitive, although it is a trait that has traditionally been attributed to the Galician-Portuguese verb, was a phenomenon present in a larger area of the peninsular North-West. The examination of Leonese medieval documents reveals that the alluded phenomenon did exist in the Leonese area (and not only in the western sector --there are examples of written documents in Sahagún) and cannot be attributed to alician-Portuguese influence (as M. Pidal or Staaff have argued) as these particular texts also have other characteristics which are totally foreign to Galician ones.