Un instrumento para evaluar las expectativas de alumnos ante la implementación de una metodología activa

  1. Raquel Poy Castro
  2. Cristina Mendaña Cuervo
  3. María Victoria Arana Suárez
  4. Anselma González Fernández
  5. Enrique López González
Nuevos enfoques en la Innovación Docente Universitaria: III TeLe(In)2 Conference proceedings

Publisher: Universidad de León

ISBN: 978-84-697-6817-4

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 4-10

Congress: TeLe(In)2 (3. 2017. León)

Type: Conference paper


The aim of this study was to build a questionnaire to test how students perceive the implementation of the Flipped Classroom methodology. Successful applications of active methodologies like Flipped Classroom depend on the previous expectations of university students and it is recommendable to assess them during the implementation. In addition, we show the process of development, validation, and calculus of reliability of the questionnaire. In order to analyse content validity we use experts’ judgments as part of the process and to analyse its reliability we use the Cronbach's Alpha statistic. Finally, the administration of questionnaire trough a sample of students on different subjects, it allows us to contrast its validity and reliability.