bio.ask: creación, difusión y aprendizaje del alumnado para el alumnado

  1. Rayo Pinto Prieto
  2. Darío Fidalgo Casares
  3. Esperanza Fernández Martínez
Nuevos enfoques en la Innovación Docente Universitaria: III TeLe(In)2 Conference proceedings

Publisher: Universidad de León

ISBN: 978-84-697-6817-4

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 59-65

Congress: TeLe(In)2 (3. 2017. León)

Type: Conference paper


bio.ask is a project being developed in the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences of the University of León (Spain). It is a project framed in project-based learning and service-learning pedagogies, using new technologies as its main axis. Basically, it consists in the development of a public video channel (using the Youtube platform) linked to the mentioned University and including different contents made by the students themselves. The main target audience is composed of the graduate students in Biology, Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology of Leon University, even though the final product is aimed at any person curious about science, life and our planet. The objective of the videos is to spread current researches about several aspects of Biology and related sciences, so their contents can be really diverse. In addition, one of their distinctive features is that they are developed through some kind of interview, something that brings the students and the researches into contact.