Análisis de esporas fúngicas elergénicas en la atmósfera de León, Miranda de Ebro y Zamora (España)

  1. Zulima González Parrado
  2. Carmen Reyes Fuertes Rodríguez
  3. Santiago de Castro Alfageme
  4. Ana María Vega Maray
  5. María Delia Fernández González
  6. Rosa María Valencia Barrera

ISSN: 1135-8408

Year of publication: 2009

Issue: 19

Pages: 31-47

Type: Article

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An analysis of different fungal spore types was carried out in the atmosphere of León, Miranda de Ebro and Zamora from August 1st to October 31st in 2006 using a volumetric sampler type Hirst. The majority fungal type in the three localities was Cladosporium with a percentage more of 70%. The maximum values of spores were recorded on August 21st for León and Zamora with 4,864 spores/m3 and 4,654 spores/m3 respectively,and on September 13rd in Miranda de Ebro with 8,489 spores/m3. The temperature and relative humidity were the meteorological factors with more influence in the concentration of the most of fungal spore types studied.