Innovación docente, nuevas tecnologías y motivación intrínseca del alumnado en el aula de educación físicauna experiencia con consolas, exergames y sensores de cuerpos en movimiento en secundaria

  1. Gutiérrez Capa, Rubén
  1. Enrique Javier Díez Gutiérrez Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad de León

Fecha de defensa: 2016(e)ko urtarrila-(a)k 29

  1. Antonio Fraile Aranda Presidentea
  2. Carlos Gutiérrez García Idazkaria
  3. Miguel Vicente Mariño Kidea

Mota: Tesia


ABSTRACT This paper describes the gestation, programming, intervention and evaluation of a teaching unit of Physical Education. The paper addresses aspects of the official curriculum such as the Body Expressión-Dance, which have introduced that new technologies such as stimulating factor of intrinsic motivation of the students when dancing. To do this, we used videogame consoles (Xbox), exergames (Dance Central 2) and whole-body motion sensors (Kinect), with three secondary education institutions in three different cities in the region of Castilla y Leon (Spain), with a total of 245 students ranging from the ages of 12 to 18. We have thus exceeded the psychomotor withdrawal produced by social conditioning about dancing, by shaping this activity that teenargers enjoy in their leisure time on their own: playing videogames. In addition to intrinsic motivation, these new technologies also greatly stimulate the visual-motor integration. The results of observations are shown on the students: they become very curious about the use of the Kinect sensor, then they are intrinsically motivated to play-dance, and thus develop a high level of activity. The results of the application of the Spanish version of the test AMPET show very similar levels of motivation both in the teaching unit that implements active videogames (exergames) and in the subject of Physical Education. The levels of fun and physical activity shown by the students have been very high. Introducing Exergames and whole-body motion sensors in Physical Education classes is a great strategy to increase their intrinsic motivation, and as a tool in the service of teachers. These technologies help to get over disinhibition, work your visual-motor integration, overcome differences on sex, origin, social and cultural status, etc., boosts their activity and fun levels, promotes coordination with colleagues and makes them enjoy their Physical Education classes.