Cloning and characterization of the erg1 gene of Trichoderma harzianum: Effect of the erg1 silencing on ergosterol biosynthesis and resistance to terbinafine

  1. Cardoza, R.E.
  2. Vizcaíno, J.A.
  3. Hermosa, M.R.
  4. Sousa, S.
  5. González, F.J.
  6. Llobell, A.
  7. Monte, E.
  8. Gutiérrez, S.
Fungal Genetics and Biology

ISSN: 1087-1845 1096-0937

Year of publication: 2006

Volume: 43

Issue: 3

Pages: 164-178

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1016/J.FGB.2005.11.002 GOOGLE SCHOLAR