Un ejemplo de explotación romana de yacimiento primariola mina del rio de la Sierra (León)

  1. Redondo Vega, José María
  2. García de Celis, Alipio J.
  3. González Gutiérrez, Rosa Blanca
  4. Luengo Ugidos, Miguel Ángel
Estudios humanísticos. Geografía, historia y arte

ISSN: 0213-1390

Year of publication: 1995

Issue: 17

Pages: 11-30

Type: Article

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This article presents a geographical study of a roman gold-mine in the north-west of Iberian peninsula: the río de la Sierra mine. Several traces have been realized by ancient miners which already are present nowadays in our landscape. With these traces we can know a important part of that society like gold-mines and the hydraulic structure related with them.