Actividad de la clínica médica de la Facultad de Veterinaria de León durante el quinquenio 1985-1990

  1. Pilar Alonso Alonso
  2. José Luis Benedito Castellote
  3. José Ramiro González Montaña
  4. Ángel Javier Alonso Díez
  5. Carlos César Pérez García
  6. Félix Rejas García
  7. María Belén García Rodríguez
  8. M. Inmaculada Diez Prieto
  9. Juan Rejas López
  10. S. Meléndez Rodríguez
  11. Paulino García Partida
Anales de la Facultad de Veterinaria de León

ISSN: 0373-1170

Year of publication: 1991

Year: 37

Issue: 37

Pages: 129-134

Type: Article

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We have studied the number of clinical cases that the General Pathology and Medical Pathology Units have carried out during the five year period of 1985-90, through the services of public consultation and itinerant clinic. A total of 4,058 medical records was reached. Bovine species, with 2,193 cases, was the predominant animals, followed by dogs with 1,529 cases, that represent the 54.04% and the 37.68%, respectively. With regard to the diseases, the troubles of the digestive (27.65%) and the reproductive/urinary (24.54%) systems were the more frequent.