Educación empresarialuna evaluación global de las actitudes y valores empresariales: Nigeria-Italia

Supervised by:
  1. Miguel Ángel Carbonero Martín Director

Defence university: Universidad de Valladolid

Fecha de defensa: 13 January 2016

  1. José María Román Sánchez Chair
  2. Raúl de Diego Vallejo Secretary
  3. Antonio Valle Arias Committee member
  4. María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares Committee member
  5. Jesús Nicasio García Sánchez Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The downturn in the Nigerian economy, with its attendant deleterious effect on virtually all sectors of life, has, over the years, occasioned a shrinking of employment opportunities and produced an army of educated but unemployed and frustrated youths. It is therefore, obvious that there is urgency in addressing youth unemployment through entrepreneurial education with the practical aim of developing an intrapreneurial university which will foster the capability of being self-employed or increasing intrapreneurial abilities while decreases the crisis of unemployment which in turn leads to crimes and violence among youths. The major approaches for this research will be based on theoretical, empirical and normative approaches. This will include investigation into some already existing government policies on entrepreneurship education in Nigeria, measuring the different entrepreneurial attitudes of Nigerians students in comparison with that of the Italian students. The related entrepreneurship education literatures that I reviewed make references towards exploring entrepreneurial attitudes and the values perceptions of Nigerian students and Italian students. The concepts of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship education were described in a broader perspective with an extensive exploration of the concept and meaning of entrepreneurial attitudes and values. A framework/methodology for teaching entrepreneurship education in Nigeria was finally developed and recommended. The research findings were based on the results gotten from the Entrepreneurial Competence Questionnaire of Valeria Caggiano administered among university students from Italy and Nigeria.