Selección de Penicillum productores de péptidos antifúngicos para su utilización en productos cárnicos madurados

  1. Raquel Acosta Guerrero
Supervised by:
  1. Miguel Ángel Asensio Pérez Director
  2. Félix Núñez Breña Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Year of defence: 2006

  1. Pablo E. Hernández Cruza Chair
  2. Alberto Martín González Secretary
  3. Antonio J. Ramos Girona Committee member
  4. Andrés Otero Carballeira Committee member
  5. Gregorio Valencia Parera Committee member

Type: Thesis


The fungal population growing on dry-cured meat products contributes to the desired characteristics of the product, but it also poses a hazard to consumers due to mycotoxigenic strains. A strain of Penicillium has been selected to control them because of the production of a peptide that shows strong antifungal activity against these undesired molds.